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Monday, July 15, 2019

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SikhLink FAQ's

Welcome to the SikhLink Frequently Asked Questions! Please read these carefully to get an answer to any question you may have. If you are still not satisfied, please feel free to contact us at support@sikhlink.net.

SikhLink General Questions

  1. Do you have a Privacy Policy?
    Yes. Please read it at the link: http://www.sikhlink.net/privacypolicy.asp. Also read our Terms of Use.

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SikhLink Games

  1. If I find an error in any of your answers related to Sikh History or Gurmat, whom do I report it to?
    Please send your correction to support@sikhlink.net and we'll try to investigate it asap.

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SikhLink Store

  1. How do I order an item that I want?
    Please read the section on "How This Store Operates".
  2. How do you calculate the Shipping and Handling Fees ?
    Please read the section on "Shipping and Handling Fees".
  3. How do you keep your prices so low ?
    Please read the section on "How we keep our prices low ".
  4. What is the delivery time on the items ordered ?
    Please read the section on "Delivery Time".
  5. Can I return or Exchange the items I ordered from SikhLink ?
    Please read our Return/Exchange Policy.
  6. Do you accept International orders at the SikhLink Store ?
    Yes, we definitely welcome international orders. Because of some unpleasant past experiences, we do not accept credit cards for international orders with the exception of Canadian orders. We do accept money orders, drafts or cashiers checks payable in US Dollars. Other forms of payment acceptable are paypal and Western Union.
  7. How do you calculate the shipping/handling for international orders ?
    Due to the higher shipping costs for international orders, Canadian orders are subject to a US$10 surcharge over the domestic s&h as calculated on the site. All other countries are subject to a US$20 surcharge over the domestic s&h. SikhLink reserves the right to ask for additional shipping cost if the actual shipping costs happen to be substantially higher than the calculated cost. However, you will be informed of the higher cost and the order will be shipped only after your approval.
  8. How can I change my payment option ?
    If you change your mind and wish to change your payment option, please inform us of the change via an email to support@sikhlink.net and follow the following steps:

    To Pay by Credit Card
    You may secure payment by credit card at the URL: https://ssl.cyber-link.net/creditcard.asp.

    To Pay by Check/Money Order
    Please make your check or money order payable in US$ to "SikhLink, LLC" and mail it to the following address:

    SikhLink, LLC
    18502 Thundercloud Road
    Boyds, MD 20841

    To Pay by Paypal
    Please pay at www.paypal.com and use the ID of gurdeep@sikhlink.net to make your payments.

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Other Resources

  1. How do I add a Resource?
    Please use the Add a Resource Page to add a resource that you think may be useful.

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