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Item #PAL-BR-365
Fancy Paalki (Brass Decoration) with complete Accessories and Matching Stool
Excellent Quality Paalki for Guru Granth Saheb Jee with very tasteful Brass decoration. Manufactured in India.The Paalki size is 36 inch x 21 inch and comes with the following accessories:
  • Base cushion fitted to size
  • Three cushions for Guru Granth Saheb Jee
  • Small chandoa (canopy) to fit inside the Paalki
  • Beautiful matching stool
Does not include Bir of Guru Granth Saheb Ji. Designs may vary slightly. Design is exactly same as the Black Metal Paalki, except that this one has Brass decoration instead of the Black Metal.

Please note that the price includes an additional freight charge due to the size of the Paalki. If you plan to pick up the Paalki from the Boyds, Maryland location of SikhLink, please ask for a discount (upto $100). Free Shipping coupons do not apply to this part of the freight charge.

Price: $1,150.00