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Retail Price (MSRP): $2,840.00

Sale Price: $2,415.00
Item #ELE-COP-9
XGEN SC Stereo Copy Module Cassette Duplicator with XGEN STANDARD HEADS.
1/4 track, 4-channel, stereo copy module features Stereo cassette heads. When connected with existing XGEN Standard master or copy modules expands up to 67 copy positions. Includes: ribbon cable, and removable power cord.

Available in two channel (mono) or four channel (stereo), the X-GEN series can be configured to meet almost any requirement . The master module features a master position and three copy positions. Add a total of sixteen copy modules to expand your system to 67 copy positions. Choose between a system that operates at 8x or 16x normal playback speed and select a head option of standard, XL or Ferrite heads. All models feature microprocessor controls with direct drive motors in all positions, Ferrite erase heads, a C-60 rewind speed of 30 seconds, track select, modular cassette pockets, end of tape sensing, auto or manual operation, cleaning cycle, audible tone end of copy and Chrome tape copying (on select models).
Two year limited warranty.

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